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2023 Projects

High Magick

Patel Brown Gallery

Montreal QC

Nov 16 - 23 Dec


Living in the context of an “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy”, to quote bell hooks, I also question this way of creating knowledge. What is the purpose of institutions that are designed to preserve the legacy of the oppressed? What is the nature of that transaction? I can’t stop thinking that these are questions that Hupfield and Lujan are asking themselves in their own ways. To me, those institutions are an articulation of power. The real measure is through people’s capacity to connect unforeseen dots and create a map that traces new territories, that echoes the past, and traces our common future. That’s exactly what Hupfield and Lujan are doing by joining voices and perspectives in order to create a new understanding and approach of the perceptible.

In this new body of work, NADI shepards us towards a new set of discoveries. It is like we are witnessing the apparition of a presence telling us the hidden stories of those mountains, this land. They show a tension between an expansion and a contraction, maybe the reflection of two great minds trying not to be contained on a limited surface. Each of the paintings in the “Hidden Shaman” series represents an eye, a vision of the world that is sensitive to divine intervention, and at the same time very aware of the spiritual values they are creating. The diptych, in particular, makes me think of a rainbow of appearances. It’s as if, diluted within one gaze, the artists were emulating the multifaceted fluidity of one’s soul.